Basic Trouble Shooting

Basic Trouble Shooting

TroubleShooting Check List:

You're trying to get some work done in the yard, and the trusty old chainsaw is acting funny; here's what to do when:

A) Chain won't turn; check for:

  • Tension too tight
  • Burred drive links
  • Pinched bar groove
  • Chain off sprocket
  • Bar sprocket nose frozen
  • Chain brake engaged
  • Adequate bar/chain lubricant
  • Debris (chips) in bar groove or drive sprocket

B) Slow cutting; check for:

  • Dull cutters
  • Depth gauges too high
  • Clutch slipping
  • Bar groove too wide
  • And, believe it or not, chain on backwards

C) Chain cuts crooked; check for:

  • Low depth gauges on one side
  • Uneven bar rails
  • Cutters filed differently, one side to the other
  • Damage to cutters on one side of chain from hitting the ground, a rock, or other foreign material

Finally, here's a brief list of what to check if your chainsaw won't start:

  • Ignition switch on
  • Choke ON
  • Air filter clean
  • Spark plug clean, gapped
  • Plug wire on
  • Two stroke petrol in fuel tank