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Oregon PS54E PowerSharp Chain - PS54E


Oregon PS54E PowerSharp Chain

Price: £28.84 (inc VAT)

£24.03 + VAT


Part Number: PS54E



Oregon PowerSharp is an easy to use, precision sharpening system that gives chainsaw users the power to sharpen their chain in a matter of seconds with a simple to use attachment.

FAST: Goes from dull to sharp in as little as 3 to 5 seconds.

EASY: Only three steps to faster, easier cutting.

PORTABLE: Bar mounted sharpener is lightweight, durable and highly visible.

PRECISE: Exact alignment between cutter and sharpening stone insures perfect cutter geometry.

TOUGH: PowerSharp chain is as durable and hard working as other Oregon 3/8 pitch, low profile chain.

Oregon PS54E chain is a 54 link chain and is supplied with a new sharpening stone. Please ensure this fits your saw before placing an order. (Must be used in conjunction with a PowerSharp guide bar, sold separately)

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