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Torches from LED Lenser

7 January 2017

Dark mornings and evenings throughout the Winter can make our everyday a little more difficult. To combat this we keep a range of genuine LED Lenser hand and head torches. Here is a small sample of what is available:

Hand held torches

These are great for keeping in the door pocket of the car or the kitchen drawer for all situations. We stock a range from the small but powerful P2 right up to the hugely powerful X21R.2.

Head mounted torches

These are ideal for work or sports where both hands are required to be free. Just put the torch on your head and it will always be looking the same direction as you. Again a range in stock from the SEO3 up to the mighty XEO19R.

Don't be left in the dak. Buy with confidence that can only come from something with the quality of an LED Lenser torch