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Leaf Blower Guide

When Autumn arrives and the leaves start falling it can be time to look out for a leaf blower to save a lot of hard work with the brush. With many options available it can be daunting trying to choose one so have a read at our guide below to help you through the different options. 

Which fuel type?

There are two main fuel types and these are petrol and battery. Petrol blowers generally use a two stroke petrol mix, similar to a strimmer or chainsaw, and are ideal for larger properties where there could be several hours work each time. Battery technology has advanced greatly over the last few years to make these a viable alternative. Several advantages are weight saving, no pull starting and little noise. Also many manufacturers including AL-KO and Oregon have a one battery fits all system so you can build a cordless garden tool kit around the one battery platform. 

Blow only or blow and collect?

Our petrol range offers blow and collect options. This means they same machine can be used to suck the leaves and debris up as well as blow them away. An integrated blade shreds the material as it is put through to the bag allowing you to transfer your waste to a compost area or green waste bin. 

What about a back pack blower?

A back pack leaf blower attaches to your back like a ruck sack. They generally have bigger, more powerful engines and will provide a large and fast airflow. These are ideal for clearing large areas in a short space of time.