Oregon C600 Battery Charger

Part Number:
Oregon C600
£35.00  (Inc VAT)
£29.17 + VAT

The C600 Battery Charger is equipped with the same thermal and over-voltage protection circuitry as the C750 Rapid Battery Charger, preventing damage to Battery Packs and providing safe, dependable charging.

  • Designed for use with all OREGON® Lithium Ion Battery Packs
  • Charges B400E 2.4 Ah Battery Pack in approximately 120 minutes
  • Charges B600E 4.0Ah Battery Pack in approximately 240 min

Over-Voltage Protection

Thermal and over-voltage protection circuitry prevents damage to Battery Packs while charging.

Interchangeable Battery Packs

Designed to work with all OREGON® Lithium Ion Battery Packs.

Quick Charging

Fully charge batteries as quickly as two hours.

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