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Mitox 26 MT - SP Multi Tool - Mitox MI26MT-SP


Mitox 26 MT - SP Multi Tool

Price: £199.00 (inc VAT)

£165.83 + VAT


Part Number: Mitox MI26MT-SP



Four tools powered by one engine offering fantastic value for money.

The Mitox 26MT-SP 4in1 multi tool is supplied with hedgetrimmer, tree pruner, grass trimmer and brushcutter attachments making it ideal for almost any garden task. As with all Mitox machines, the Mitox 26MT-SP is designed for durability over extended periods, with heavy duty aluminium components, a 26mm thick drive tube and an 8mm solid steel drive shaft. The 26MT-SP offers a simple to use low cost option for maintaining your garden.


The Mitox 26MT-SP 4 in 1 Petrol Multi Tool is supplied with grass trimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and pole pruner attachments offering a great value complete garden maintenance solution.

Quality Easy Starting Engine.

The Mitox 26MT-SP petrol multi tool is powered by a powerful easy to start 25.4cc engine featuring a primer bulb and choke

Aluminium Coupling

The Mitox 26MT-SP 4 in 1 Petrol Multi Tool features an aluminium coupling on the split-shaft system allows the four attachments to be easily fitted.

Loop Handle & Strap Harness

The 26MT-SP multi tool features a loop handle for ease of use during operation with the single strap harness further enhancing user comfort over prolonged periods of use.

Quality Strong Gearbox

The quality strong gearboxes found on the Mitox 26MT-SP petrol 4 in 1 Multi Tools features heat treated gears which ensure high performance and durability, delivering reliable power to the trimmer head.

Auto Bump Feed Grass Trimmer Head

The auto bump nylon line trimmer head included with the Mitox 26MT-SP releases more line as required with a simple bump on the ground so you can continue grass trimming without the need to switch off the machine.

Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The hedge trimmer attachment features double reciprocating blades with 150o of articulation allowing you to cut your hedge easily and comfortably.

Full Crank Engines

All Mitox multi tools feature a quality full crank engine which provides superior performance, lower vibration and considerably longer service life, when compared to Half Crank (single bearing) engines, commonly used on low cost petrol domestic garden machinery.

Mitox MI26MT-SP Technical Specifications

Engine Type Mitox 2-Stroke
Displacement 25.4cm3
Power Output 0.75kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.65 litres
Handle Type Loop
Metal Blade 255mm, 3 tooth
Trimmer Line Ø 2.4 mm
Fuel / Oil Mixture 40:1
Blade Length 395mm (Hedgetrimmer)
Guide Bar Length 250mm - 10''
Coupling Aluminium
Dry Weight 4.8kg (Power Unit)
Type Complete Kit
Warranty 1 Year Domestic Warranty
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